1. We Are Retail Specialists

We are retail design and customer experience specialists. We focus on one thing and do it very well. 

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We develop recognisable and distinctive visual identities to consistently express your brand essence
We create great dialogue with the customer through words and visuals
Design styling, zoning & flow, materials, finishes, furniture, lighting and mood
Designs fit for customised bespoke 1-off or large scale manufacture
We can build seamless customer experiences between the physical and digital worlds
Great design is nothing without great implementation
Audio visual, music, scent, uniforms - the finishing touches that make all the difference


Our core resources are right here in Asia, based in Singapore, and we specialise in projects across Southeast Asia.


Branded F&B, consumer lifestyle, FMCG, travel retail, education, entertainment

We have experience on various types and scales of projects

Flagship stores, innovation / concept / future stores, fixtures and displays, retail tool kits, visual merchandising, rollout
programs, retail design guidelines & store rollout manuals

2. We bring method to madness

We follow ‘Design Thinking’ methodology to ensure the most effective results are delivered on every project.

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Our 4 stage Process is core to delivering a high quality and effective end result

DISCOVERGather the correct information
• Brand equity audits
• Competitor audits
• Customer experience audits
• Management interviews
• Business objectives
• Market trends
• Site Surveys / feasibility studies
• Local and global trends
• Consumer Insights
DEFINEDefine the problem correctly
• Success measurement criteria
• Identify the brand personality
• Define the desired customer experience
• Define design strategy & direction
• Customer journey mapping
• Design thinking workshops
• Ideation workshops
• Manufacturing, logistcs, budget and execution considerations
SPARKCreative expressions
• Explore the possibilities - concept exploration & ideation
• Zoning and adjacencies
• Interior design scheme
• Signage & navigation
• Environmental graphics
• Design Development
• 3D visualisation
APPLYRoll out, maintain, measure, grow
• Construction specifications
• Tender and costing
• Prototyping and testing
• Rollout management
• Implementation guidelines
• Benchmarking & evaluation
• Training and maintenance

We are customer-centric

We always consider the customer experience in everything we do
Customer journey and experience mapping (click on image to enlarge)

OUR Immersion Workshops

1 to 2 day workshops which ensure we are all working off the same play book and with the correct information at hand.

OUR Co-Creation Workshops

1 to 2 day workshops to leverage your team’s expertise and knowledge and gain their early buy-in for the change to come.

3. We Are Flexible and agile

Unlike the big multinational agencies we’re flexible & agile and can adapt our teams and resources to best suit your project and budgets and to move quickly.

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We’re a small flexible agency
We have lower overheads than the big global agencies, our offices are not in the CBD and we don't have expensive regional and global management charges.
We provide tailored ‘scope of works’ and ‘fee structures'
Our project proposals are customised to suit the unique requirements of your company and your project.  We currently work with global MNC's aswell as up coming local and regional SME's
We’re able to tailor the PROJECT team TO SUIT YOUR PROJECT
We create project teams based on the requirements of the project rather than who we have available on staff.  We ensure you work directly with the principles and lead creatives throughout.
Our client relationships are core to our business success
As proof, most of our business at SPARK is repeat business and referred business.  We believe in over delivering so you can't help but keep coming back to us again and again.
We don’t take on everything and anything
We don't just take on any project that comes our way, if fact we regularly turn down work that may not fit our area or expertise.  We always select projects and clients where we will add considerable value.
We don't present credentials produced by other global teams whom you may never work with, all of our credentials were produced by the people you will be working with directly.

4. We utilise The latest tech tools

We utilise the latest Virtual Reality, BIM (Building information Management), digital brand manuals and in-store tracking technology as tools to sharpen and streamline our product.

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Visualisation technology allows our clients to step inside and walk around within design concepts even in early stages of planning. In later stages we are able to trial layout changes and displays quickly and painlessly before investing and disrupting actual stores.
In-store customer motion tracking & heat-mapping
Gives us the ability to collect before and after In store analytics in an economical and painless way by utilising store’s existing security camera technology. We are able to measure different store layouts and display’s effectiveness and deliver live and ongoing dashboard reports to our client’s phones or desktops.
Online brand manuals and digital asset library
The traditional printed brand manuals are dead, set up your next manual online so it's always up to date with the latest digital assets.
You control who and what can be accessed.
From time to time, it's great to mock up displays or fixtures as scale models. Laser-cut card and 3D printers are making this easier, faster and economical.
BIM- based CAD was developed to stream line large scale construction projects but it is also ideal for medium to large retail rollout projects where new store documentation and ‘bills of quantitates’ are required very quickly after signing new lease agreements.


Gary Caldwell
Managing & Creative Director
Gary has held senior client and agency side roles in Asia for over 20 years and has been based in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Vietnam with extensive experience in building brand based consumer experiences across a wide range of business catagories.
Kelvin Foo
Kelvin Foo is one of SPARK's Senior directors who brings to the business a wealth of experience in implementation and technical rigor to projects requiring production and project management execution into end markets.
Jasmine Liu
Business Development Manager
Having worked with some of the world’s top fashion brands in Milan for over 5 years Jasmine returned to Asia and was instrumental in building up the advertising revenue of the one of the most successful design and architecture magazine’s in Hong Kong, Hinge Magazine.

Our Service Promise

At SPARK we achieve the best results when our most senior creative heads are directly engaged with you the client. Our senior creative and strategic team is based right here in Southeast Asia in the markets you do business in. The work shown in this site represents the project experience of the team you will be directly engaged with at SPARK.

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