4 Insights to tempt movie goers off the couch


With the overwhelming popularity of Netflix and Amazon, or any streaming service, increasingly better home sound and television systems and food delivery services aplenty, it is not surprising that Singapore’s cinema scene has been steadily losing ground. From 2013 to 2017, cinema attendance figures have dropped by 12.2% to 19.4million across Singapore’s 257 cinema screens as reported by the Government’s Info-communications Media Development Authority.

Leading regional cinema brands Vrs leading global media streaming brands

Focusing on what a cinema can offer that a customer cannot get at home is key to thriving in the current climate. Get ready to think different, adapt and entertain beyond the movie.

At SPARK, we analysed consumer behaviour trends and insights in Singapore’s movie cinemas and measured this against retail design and customer experiences being delivered to help brands stay top of mind and ultimately increases market share. See if you agree with our insights…or download a copy of our Retail Customer Experience Audit Tool to try our thinking process for yourself.

Unique cinema experiences can re-energise the industry and brands

How Premium can you go?

Insight:  The Expectation bar of ‘premium’ continue to be raised across all categories however what we see in cinema design and service standards seems to be getting left behind.  There is no half measures when stepping into the premium luxury market.

more edgy spaces can refresh and contemporise perceptions

Opportunity: Step up the premium cinema experience. Look at modernising, appealing to a younger affluent consumer. For example, iPic Theatres location in Westwood, LA boasts a concierge-like front desk and full bar and restaurant and the experience includes full recliners with pillows and blankets, a gourmet food and wine menu and waiter call service.  Consider creating open air cinema experiences under the stars or cinemas with a view rather than the standard closed in box.

Reclining velvet chairs and side tables, velvet bed deck at soho farmhouse

In-between Show Times

Insight: Capitalising on what a cinema is known for, exceptional sound and visual equipment outside of normal showing times. Diversifying what a space can offer to a customer is one of the ways businesses maximise relevance to their customer’s lifestyles.

Opportunity: Alternative uses such as eSports venue, kids events, special kids zones or kids cinemas, on-demand screenings

Special parties and events can expand usage of cinema spaces

Monetizing space

Insight: Increasing product placement in movies being screened at high traffic high engagements creatcreayes opportunities to bring these products to life in and around the movie experience. 

Opportunity: Create spaces to further monetise product placements within cinema lobbies and the cinemas themselves bringing to life these products.   CLICK HERE to see how we helped our cinema client create pop-up digital areas for brand launches.

Pop up space with digital panels short term leasing to brands to create integrated experiences around product placements within movies. Click here for more.

Food is Essential 

Insight: Whether it’s a snack during or a meal before/after a movie, food is a large component of a cinema experience however it often falls way short of what we expect from a real dining or even cafe experience.

Opportunity: Alliances with brands to provide more high quality F&B experiences pre and post show at or next-to the cinema lobbies.  Or upping the standard of F&B provided by the cinema’s own counters and providing proper spaces for people to meet and dwell before and after movies to enjoy the expanded food offers.

true first class experiences with high quality in house dining.

What’s next? 

Being clear about what the brand stands for, paying attention to how your customer interacts with space and keeping up to date with emerging technologies helps us create spaces that customers return to again and again. 

SPARK are Retail Design and Customer Experience specialists, we look to the future to help businesses re-imagine their retail experiences and ensure they remain relevant to the consumer, building brand value and maximising the potential of retail spaces. 

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