Clients respond well to VR experiences

SPARK client being immersed in a VR design concept

SPARK, Singapore August 2017.  SPARK has been utilising VR technologies with our clients for some time now and have been receiving very positive responses.  There are some issues with experiences of dizziness along with learning to navigate and move around inside the virtual space, but overall the response has been very positive with most people excited and saying that it is an incredibly valuable tool for them to understand the design intent.

Pictured above is our client in China looking around in their new store formats which are currently being prototyped in ‘real reality’.  The VR walk through was great to check angles of displays, positioning of certain focal displays and to understand better the customer and operational flow.

We’re looking forward to utilising VR more in the future and being at the forefront as the technology becomes even more intuitive and immersive.

SPARK is a Singapore based retail design specialist, delivering unique and effective retail design solutions for its clients across the Asia Pacific Region.

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