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With the rapid growth of online retailers and the tectonic shifts being felt in traditional retail businesses we continue to see once stable and lucrative retail chains disrupted and in some cases close down multiple stores or going out of business completely.  Its not surprising then there is so much chatter around the ‘new world of retail’ and what this means for traditional retail businesses.

Most of this centres around the need to develop, integrate and align multiple marketing and sales channels and to rethink the role the physical retail space plays in the retail business model.  Those slow to adapt will likely already be feeling the pressure.

To help navigate this new world we’ve developed a generic audit tool that is designed to help a retail business leader to step back and assess the store experience through the lens of a consumer.  We’re offering this for download here for the small cost of your contact email so we can send you a very occasional email to ‘keep in touch’.  Don’t worry we will never give out your email contacts to anyone and completely understand you not wanting junk emails landing in your inbox all the time.

Feel free to download the file at the link here and if you want to engage us at a deeper level feel free to get in touch with us in the contact forms and we will be more than happy to come and see you and compile a more comprehensive audit report customised to you business (*for qualifying enquiries only)

We hope the file is of some value to you and would love to hear any feedback you have once you’ve used it.

SPARK are Retail Design and Customer Experience specialists, we look to the future to help businesses re-imagine their retail experiences and ensure they remain relevant to the consumer, building brand value and maximising the potential of retail spaces. 

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