Hakken! online native retail Anime merchandise store has opened its first ever physical store at Plaza Singapura, Singapore.  Hakken is the retail arm of MUSE the anime centric IP management, events & convention business.   This new bold retail experience was crafted by SPARK in close partnership with the MUSE and HAKKEN! team.  The store offers a seamless retail experience for customers by integrating the widest range of official merchandise in Singaporetailored anime related events, pre order pickups, exclusive releases, music, cosplay appearances and the immersive experience only ‘real world’ shopping can provide.

Panoroma view from entrance, greeted by Rem and Ram life-size figurine from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
Overall view of the facade with curved glass display window and neon edge details

Guests are greeted by 1:1 scale figurines of Rem and Ram from Re:Zero surrounded by a huge selection of merchandise to explore.  Large screens with moving imagery of favourite characters line both walls to inspire and excite — an even space to one side features a whopping 5 x 3 metre screen to be used as backdrop panel for events or just fun photo taking.


Early Development sketches for Hakken
Sketch of the exterior shop front
Towards event space and figurine displays
Right side of entrance zone to be greeted by cute plush toys with long overhead display (5 metre by 1 metre)
SPARK Client team photo

Look out for ongoing guest appearances by popular local and overseas cosplayers in the near future as well.

Customers can take photos and videos with the standees and props and dynamic background that changes every few minutes

Press release and featured on: mothership.sg, animenewsnetwork, thesmartlocal

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