SPARK was selected for the creation and project management of HAKKEN! first store in Singapore in close coordination with MUSE Communication, developing an immersive retail experience for anime enthusiasts. Hakken is the retail arm of MUSE the anime centric IP management, events & convention business. The design strategy was to showcase the various IPs that the anime distributor giant MUSE was carrying, creating specific zones for an immersive retail experience to celebrate ‘discovery’, much like the meaning of Hakken! (which means, to discover or discovery in Japanese).

The store offers a seamless retail experience for customers by integrating the widest range of official merchandise in Singaporetailored anime related events, pre order pickups, exclusive releases, music, cosplay appearances and the immersive experience only ‘real world’ shopping can provide.

Hakken! Rem and Ram
Life-sized figurines of beloved twins, Rem and Ram from Re:Zero greet you at the entrance of the store

The store’s theme will change seasonally, with the LED screens and sections changing for a new look every three months, it was designed with the thought as a space of a blank canvas and not to compete for attention against the anime merchandises and figurines. Simple and iconic rounded edges were used for the physical architecture with the iconic turquoise brand colour.

Features include, curved glass architecture arches, custom made FRP Display and several large screens in the retail space but the largest — a whopping 5 metre long and 3 metre tall!

Eye catching facade with integrated displays to act as a beacon and entice passing traffic to explore


Sketch of the exterior shop front
Intimate alcove for more high value exclusive products
Flexible event space with full size digital panel backdrop wall
Hakken! Cosplayers
Photos by Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC Team

The section is open to guest appearances by popular local and overseas cosplayers in the near future as well.

Customers can take photos and videos with the standees and props – there’s even a dynamic background that changes every few minutes, which makes it ideal for photo-taking opportunities.


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