CGV Megastar Vietnam


Redesign and rethink of a Korean cinema chain concept for adaptation into the Vietnamese market. The customer journey was studied to optimise each stage where much attention was placed on how to increase customer 'dwell time' in the lobby space before and after the film in order to better monetise the media space. CGV is one of the largest media production and distribution companies in Korea. Certain aspects of the Korean design needed to be revised and enhanced to suit the local market and to provide the ability to build additional revenue streams.

Branding, Entertainment, Digital Art, Interior Design
Customer Journey mapping to optimise dwell time in cinema lobby spaces in order to maximise monetisation of media placement through out the journey.
Entrance area arrival experience featuring interactive wall allowing customers to leave photos of themselves floating in a virtual environment. highly polished black floor and barisol ceiling creates the appearance that the screens are floating in space
Ticket booths and interactive ticket booths strategically placed to maximise crowd flow and visibility of media. Flexible traditionally-printed banners can also be clipped into pre constructed slots to compliment digital media
Lounge zones allow customers to stay longer or come earlier
Flexible media zones allow for brands to easilly and quickly take over the digital media system and put on product launches or promotional events. Samsung one day, Coke the next.
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