Retail Design, Brand Creation, Retail Theatre, Jewellery, Digital

This client is a successful Jewellery retailer in China who saw an opportunity to launch a new brand targeted towards a young independent middle class female consumer looking for small but meaningful personal life rewards.

The GOCO brand was conceived and the brand strategy clearly articulated in order to inform the creation of an integrated retail concept that operated seamlessly across the entire retail continuum.

Digital and physical retail aspects were integrated into the design from the outset through the integration of GOCO girl screens in each store.

The concept was tested and piloted in several locations across China
A full brand identity system has been developed for GOCO from the brand mark logo through to marketing templates, web site design and in store uniforms & packaging
Subtle soft illuminated signage
Various store formats have been developed and tested from stand alone stores, island stores and pop-up stores / roadshows.
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