Haagen-Dazs Vietnam


Refurbishment and restoration of a 1950's colonial house into the Haagen-Dazs flagship ‘market entry store’ in Saigon, Vietnam. The project involved substantial restoration and repurposing work to an old house in central Ho Chi Minh City CBD. Walls needed to be reinforced and new connecting archways created between adjoining rooms. The result delivered a popular venue for both night and day crowds to be introduced to the brand and enjoy Haagen-Dazs premium ice cream creations.

Architecture, Interior Design
Upstairs windows were shifted back into the house to create an outdoor terrace space overlooking the park opposite
What were separate rooms are now connected as one room whilst retaining the structural integrity of the supporting walls
Roof top outdoor terrace overlooks a historic cathedral
An outdoor seating area was created on the ground floor as well to allow seating and people to spill out onto the pavement
The house when taken over had been used as a house for many years and was in need of a lot of repair
After restoration and refurbishment
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