World Kitchen Regional Guidelines


SPARK developed the strategic platform, conceptualised and delivered the regional merchandising guidelines for World Kitchen brands Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Visions which are now in use across over 20 countries. This included guidelines for visual merchandising, specifications and prototyping before being rolled out by end markets.

Branding, Furniture Design, Interior Design
Lifestyle specialty stores developed to present World Kitchen's wide range of brands within the kitchen and dining ware categories
When the plate is lifted it reveals a selector guide showing what shapes are available within each pattern
Product selection assistant to allow customers to narrow down their purchase choice quickly and easily. The top 10 patterns of the month together with the inspiration and story behind each pattern. The plate is lifted to reveal a shape selector.
An integrated ipad application was develped, and mounted within the unit, to recommend pattern that suit your individual hoem decor style
A Regional Merchandising Manual was developed to cover a wide range of retail scenarios and fixture types.
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