SPARK now offering its clients in-store customer tracking

Spark Creative, though a strategic alliance with a specialist video analytics technology company, is now offering the ability to easily and economically set up in store customer tracking systems to allow our clients (and us) to assess and compare the effectiveness of existing and new store designs, displays, promotions, store layouts and in store communications.


The system easily integrates with existing security camera systems and is able to track footfall, bounce rate, dwell time, heat maps, staff to customer interactions and even a customer smile (or lack of smile) during their transaction experience.

The system is so simple to install we may not even need to visit the store to set it up, and the data is delivered via dashboard web applications direct to your desktop or mobile browser.

To find out more get in touch and let us take you through what you might be missing out on.

SPARK is a Singapore based retail design specialist, delivering unique and effective retail design solutions for its clients across the Asia Pacific Region.

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