SPARK now offering its clients ‘Virtual Reality’ visualisation

Spark Creative has recently acquired the expertise, technology and equipment to provide its clients with fully immersive virtual realty walk throughs of retail designs to assess and experience design concepts in full 360 degree 3D.



The experience is quite extraordinary and allows our clients to see and feel the store as a future customer would, walk through the customer journey and see product and promotional graphics in situ.

It’s quite something to be transported into a design that has not yet been realised in the real world. It gives us the ability to really feel what the customer will feel as they engage with the new design and make important decisions on various aspects of our store layouts, displays and in store communications.
– A SPARK client

To find out more feel free to get in touch and experience it for yourself.

SPARK is a Singapore based retail design specialist, delivering unique and effective retail design solutions for its clients across the Asia Pacific Region.

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