Our eye opening China tour


March 2018, SPARK just completed a trip around 5 tier 2 cities in 6 days.  And it was quite an eye opener.

Recently the Creative Director and Business Manager were sent on a trip with our client around China to review their stores in need of refitting, understand their business and product offer and meet some of their customers … and to help them open a new store we had designed late last year.

We were really expecting this to be a gruelling trip (based on our previous experiences working and travelling in China) but were pleasantly surprised when greeted at each stop by brand new airports, gleaming new (and relatively empty) highways, high quality cafes and restaurants & generally orderly queues at check-in desks and gate lounges.  We experienced most everyone effortlessly paying and accepting payments via their mobile devices, even a farmer with a fruit cart pictured below.

We’ve taken note and are looking beyond Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou into the real China and the real opportunities this amazing country might offer.

Wuhan International departures
Wuhan domestic arrival
Fruit cart accepting digital payments – no problem
Where urban development meets the Gobi desert – on the way to airport in Yinchuan
An eroded lanscape over Lanzhou – natural or man made?
A rather long bridge somewhere between Ningbo and Lanzhou
Leaving Yinchuan Airport
Yinchuan China Western Film Studio

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